Sometimes I feel like I'm performing a public service. "For the common weal" is how they used to put it.

Case in point - the old duffer in those awful green golfing slacks who's just teeing up down there.

Sometimes it's easy to argue that the world would be better off if a certain person weren't around. Say, if Hitler had been killed in World War I, or even if he'd been assassinated during the 30's.

Or, what if a certain occupant of the White House had overdosed on those drugs he used during college? Would we have been sucked into such a mess in the Middle East?

What about the husband who smacks his wife around? Is the world better or worse off without him? What about the guy who drinks and drives but hasn't yet caused an accident?

But more to the point, what about our golfer with the green trousers? Is he a good guy, loved by his wife, his children, his grandchildren? Would he be misssed by his buddies, including the ones down there with him on the links? Is he a good guy, does he contribute to charities, to his church, does he do good works, does he buy girl scout cookies? Or is he a bad guy? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Which? Would the world be a better place if he were gone? Does it matter?

The scope comes up to my eye and the reticule comes to rest on the side of his head. It's a very easy shot, only 100 away, level, almost no wind. Not really a challenge to my skills. Just a little more pressure on the trigger?

I could slip backwards through the trees, dragging the ghillie net with me. In the gully I could stand, fold up the net, and collapse the rifle. A quick hike back to the car and in a couple of minutes after pulling the trigger I'd be away, driving down a state highway with the rest of the toruists.

Using a rifle to take him out will generate a lot of attention. And that's gratifying. Besides, it would be kind of fun and sometimes you have to just keep things interesting. Will I do it?

Choices ????


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