One approach to understanding the ecology of a river is to emphasize the interrelationships among the components of the ecosystem. In this website we will use this approach in the sections where concepts such as habitat and food chains are discussed. This approach is sometimes known as systems ecology or synecology. It is a valid approach and can lead to great understanding but it is not the only possible approach.

An alternate way of understanding ecology is to study the individual plants and animals found in the ecosystem. This approach is sometimes known as autecology. It is also a valid approach.

Ultimately both approaches must be combined to gain the maximum understanding.

In this section we will present some species of plants found along the Boquet River. The material presented is drawn from the biological literature.

This page also links to the species list for plants of the Boquet watershed and the Lake Champlain drainages of the towns of Westport, Essex, and Willsboro in the state of New York. This list contains the species I have so far found in this area; it is not a complete list although it probably contains most of the trees and shrubs and some of the wildflowers and herbs but only a few of the grasses and sedges.  

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