An Interactive Model
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Stream Channel Stability


In the last section the three types of stream channels were descrbed: degrading (erosional), equilibrium, and aggrading (depositional).

Which type of stream channel occurs at a given place depends on the interplay of a number of factors, but the four major factors are

The model presented in this section describes the effect each of these factors has on the nature of the stream channel and the ways in which these factors interact with one another. It gives you the opportunity to manipulate one or several of the variables and to see how that affects the stream channel.


Note: This model uses JAVA script to perform its calculations. If you are using Internet Explorer as a browser: because of corporate infighting Microsoft has constructed its browser so that the JAVA componets will only play after you go through a two step process each time you wish to use them. One suspects that this is a ploy to both annoy and intimidate you so you won't use sites containing this non-Microsoft product. I have never had a problem with the componets used here. If you wish to avoid the problem altogether you can use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox.


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