Map of Labrador


map of Labrador
Part II

Geologically, Labrador is very distinct from Newfoundland. It is composed of igneous Canadian Shield rock, mostly about 1.5 billion years old. The landscape is composed of rolling ridges and swales of granitic rocks. Because the climate is severe much of the ground surface is bare rock or covered with reindeer lichens. Trees and shrubs are sparse and small. In the south they tend to be concentrated in the sheltered valleys but as one goes north the climate becomes so severe that trees cannot survive.

We spent a few days exploring the southwest coast then drove up to Cartwright. There we boarded the ferry M.V. Northern Ranger and rode along for a week as it plied it's route as far east as Black Tickle, back to Happy Valley/Goose Bay, then north to Nain. After reversing the route we returned to Cartwright, then drove back to the southwest coast and took the ferry from Blanc Sablon back to St. Barbe in Newfoundland.


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