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Trip Map, Mongolia

Mongolia is truely one of the last few "end of the road" places you can visit. So, of course, we wanted to go. But because we don't speak the language and because of what we'd read about the roads and the difficulty of finding one's way, we decided we needed to go with a tour group.

On our other trips we've just wandered around, on our own, the countries we've visited. We are not experienced in going on organized tours. How to choose the best one? Our decision to go with Selena Travel was probably more beginners luck than anything. (praises for Selena Travel later.)

For the first few days after arriving in Ulaanbaatar we went with a guide and a driver to Gun Galuut Nature Preserve and Hustai National Park, both of which are fairly close at hand to the capitol. Then we joined a larger group, totalling 11 tourists along with three drivers and a guide, and for the next two weeks traveled in three vans in a large counter-clockwise circle through much of the central part of the country. At the end we flew back to Ulaanbaatar before heading home.

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Enjoy, Alice & Dennis

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