Red Maple & Ruffed Grouse

red maple  

A mixture of northern hardwoods and evergreen conifers covers most of the Killarney area. The vegetation is adapted to the cold winters and the thin granitic soils. Red Maple and Paper Birch are the most common hardwoods and Red Pine is the most common conifer.

Wildlife is abundant in the park. I had a spectacular view of a female wolf as she crossed the trail in front of me. I also saw Black Bear, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Racoon, Whiite-Tailed Deer, and a number of smaller mammals. By early October most of the bird life had already migrated but there were still hawks, Great Horned Owls, Common Loons, gulls, Ruffed Grouse and a few smaller species. The only one that was kind enough to hold still for a photograph was this Ruffed Grouse.

ruffed grouse

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