Day 4: Saddle Canyon

saddle canyon
saddle creek  

Saddle Canyon is another of the slot canyons, similar in geological origin to the North Canyon described earlier. Visiting one was always a high point of the day, not only for the scenery and the fact that you could be cooler for a while in the shade, but also for the hope of finding one of these small creeks and perhaps some pools. The clear water was a welcome relief from the silty Colorado River. You could wash your hands and feel that they were clean and pouring a hatful of it over your head was almost as nice as a hot shower.

I had read somewhere a claim that the Grand Canyon was so deep and that because of the high side walls the light from above was so limited, that you could sometimes see the stars at mid-day. That never happened for me but in the upper photograph, taken deep in the darkness of Saddle Canyon, if you fiddle with the contrast settings for the photo they do show up.

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