Day 3: Redwall Cavern

redwall cavern

Redwall Cavern was first noted by John Wesley Powell who led the first American expedition down the portion of the Colorado River that passes through what is now known as the Colorado Plateau geological province. As you approach from upriver (right) the cavern doesn't look as if it is going to be very impressive. But when you land and get out and walk around it becomes more impressive. Carved by eroding the stone the river has created an overhanging ledge that is at least 100' deep.

In addition to the cavern itself we were intrigued by the tracks in the sand. The daily scuffling by human footprints was overlain by lots of footprints by large rodents, by the the scratch marks of beetles and scorpions, and by one clear set of prints by a ring-tailed cat.

  redwall cavern
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