Day 3: Redwall & Marble Canyon sections

redwall gorge  

Today we transitioned from the Redwall section (above) to the Marble Canyon section (below) of the canyon. I appreciate that from a photograph it is difficult to see a difference. The guides pointed out the differences in the rocks but they are too subtle to show up in a landscape photograph.

As I said earlier the canyon was unlike anything I'd experienced before. I've tried to think of ways of explaining it to myself and the best I can do is to make an analogy to photography.

I think I usually I approach things like a series of still photographs. The Grand Canyon, as seen from the rim, is like this: you walk out to a point and take a photograph then you turn around and walk away. The experience is encapsulated with definite boundaries. It has a beginning and and end. But down in the canyon the experience was different. It was like a long continuous video. It just went on and on and the internal sturucture beginnings and endings, of days and nights, and so on was overwhelmed by the enchantment of the canyon. How can you make meaningful still pictures out of a video? They lack something and can't convey what it was like. For me the canyon was a whole experience rather than a series of experiences.

Perhaps this difference is why practicing mindfulness was so useful.

marble canyon
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