Day 14: Lava Falls

lava falls - kelley's boat
lava falls - jon's boat  

(above: Kelley's boat)

Lava Falls was one of the larger rapids we ran. It was the only one where I was able to take photographs. In the large rapids you are too busy hanging on to straps in the boat to take pictures. As the water comes over and into the boat it can lift you right out of the boat. Or as the raft pitches around it can toss you around in the boat, into painfully hard objects.

This time we scouted the rapids and I was able to take pictures while the other boats went through. Then I got back in my boat and we went through.

The big rapids are an adrenaline trip.

(above: Jon's boat)

(right: Howie's boat)

  lava falls - howie's boat
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