Day 5: Furnace Flats section

furnace flats

Rains the night before had not completely departed and we were left with these remnant clouds hanging around the walls. A different view of the canyon.

In the Furnace Flats section the rocks are not as resistant to weathering and as a consequence the river valley had widened out and formed flat areas adjacent to the river. These areas were farmed by the various tribes of Indians at different times and there were some archeological sites that we walked to. The flat open area provides no shade and at this time of year there is little breeze down in canyon so there is no escape from the heat. It wasn't any hotter than any of the rest of the trip but there was little respite from it here.

We were in the canyon in mid October and throughout the trip the temperature in sunny locations in the middle of the afternoon was usually in the mid 90's. Hot to a New Englander but nothing compared to the 120 degree temperatures the canyon often experiences during the summer. Furnace Flats seemed an appropriate name. And then there was always Cremation Point.

Suppers were prepared by the guides and were excellent and plentiful. Of course on a 16 day trip fresh meat and fruit lasted only so long but even toward the end the food continued to be very good.

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