Day 11: Deer Creek Falls & Night Sky

deer creek falls  

Deer Creek Canyon is another slot canyon, but unlike the others we've seen it doesn't enter the Colorado "at grade", i.e. at the same level as the main river. A short distance up the canyon you come to this waterfall where the water seemingly falls out of the sky down a steep cliff. You come upon it suddenly and have to see it from close up and you have to crane your neck to see the top. I think that enhances the feeling of the height the water falls. I tried to capture it in a photograph by pasting together six images to make a vertical panorama. All that accomplished was to make it look like you were standing further away. I should have had a human figure in it to give some sense of scale. The only fix was to present it as a long vertical image that you would have to scroll to see.




night sky

The photograph doesn't begin to do justice to the night sky. On nights when there was no haze the sky was lighted up and the milky way was a glorious belt across it.

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