Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

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For many years I've been accumulating a desire to travel through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. In October I joined with several other persons on a commercial rafting trip run by Arizona Rafting (AZRA). For 16 days we floated down the river on their rafts, camping each night along the river. I was endlessly enchanted and mesmerized by the unfolding spectacle of the river and the canyon. From over 800 pictures this is a selection of about 50 to share in the pages below.

We saw a number of birds, including a good view of a juvenile California Condor, and were accompanied down the whole river by the falling cascade of notes from the seldom seen Canyon Wrens. But it was these clever tricksters, the Ravens, who were with us all the way. Never quite in camp but always ready to swoop in and snatch up a spilled noodle or find a cracker some nefarious fellow traveller had left for them.

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