Viola pubescens, Yellow Forest Violet

Viola pubescens
photos by Dennis Kalma
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  Viola pubescens Ait.
Yellow Forest Violet
Violaceae (violets)


Plant: 10-30 cm tall; stem downy; stipule with a few teeth at the divergence of the leaf and flower stalks

Flower: yellow, with brown streaks on the lower petal; bilateral symmetry

Leaves: leaves usually only on stem but with an occasional single basal leaf; leaves alternate tho at first glance may appear to be opposite; broadly heart-shaped, toothed, prominently veined; hairy beneath, especially along the viens.

Habitat: well drained woods

Range: Nova Scotia west to Manitoba and North Dakota; south to Texas; east to Louisana, Georgia and South Carolina

Similar Species: Viola pensylvanica, Smooth Yellow Forest Violet, has not yet been found in this watershed; it is similar to Viola pubescens, but is not downy and has stipules that lack teeth