Trillium erectum, Red Trillium

Trillium erectum
photos by Dennis Kalma
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  Trillium erectum L.
Red Trillium
Liliaceae (lilies)


Plant: 15 to 50 cm tall; grows as scattered individuals or groups of 2-3; flowering spring

Flower: 3-parted; petals reddish maroon, occasionally white, 15-35 mm long; stamens white to light yellow; erect flower stalk; ill-scented

Fruit: a red berry

Leaves: single whorl of 3; branched veins

Habitat: rich woods and floodplains

Similar Species: White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum), Painted Trillium (Trillium undulatum) and Nodding Trillium (Trillium cernuum) are also found in the Boquet watershed: White Trillium has a white to pinkish flower on an erect flower stalk and often grows in large beds; Painted Trillium has white flowers with maroon markings and has stalked leaves; Nodding Trillium has a flower stalk that droops beneath the leaves and a small whitish flower

Trillium erectum   Trillium erectum with fruit
plant with fruit
  Trillium erectum fruit
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