Malus sylvestris, Wild Apple

Malus sylvestris
photos by Dennis Kalma

Scientific Name:
Common Name:
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  Malus sylvestris P. Mill.
Wild Apple
Rosaceae (Roses)

Flower: 5 sepals; base of flower (hypantheum) very hairy; open flowers white or tinged with pink, ~ 3 cm wide; anthers yellow; before opening deep pink to red

Fruit: globose, 6-12 cm across, usually reddish when ripe

Leaves: alternate, simple, leaves often on short spur branches with crowded leaves; usually finely toothed; egg-shaped or rounded, usually somewhat white- or gray-wooly underneath; 2.5 to 10 cm long

Buds: blunt and wooly

Twigs: leaf scars with 3 bundles, somewhat raised; short lines leading downward from edges of scars

Bark: brownish, scaley

Growth Habit: small trees, to 10 m; diameter to 60 cm

Habitat: old fields, secondary woods

Range: spread from cultivation throughout most of United States and southern Canada

flower buds