Hepatica noblis acuta, Sharp Leaved Hepatica

Hepatica noblis acuta
Photo by Dennis Kalma

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  Hepatica noblis Schreb var. acuta (Pursh) Steyermark
Sharp Leaved Hepatica
Ranunculaceae (Buttercups)

Plant: flowers appear late April, before leaves; previous year's leaves under leaf litter at flowering; 10-15 cm tall

Flower: 6 or 12 parted, with petal-like sepals; 12-25 mm wide; blue to blue-violet at first, fading to white; 3 sepal-like bracts beneath sepals, sharply pointed; flower stalks densely hairy

Seed: spindle-shaped, hairy

Leaves: basal; lobed with 3 deep clefts, lobes pointed; hairy when young, smooth later; leafstalks densely hairy

Habitat: broad-leaf deciduous upland woods

Similar Species: Hepatica noblis var. americana, also found in the Boquet watershed, has rounded rather than pointed tips to the leaf lobes and sepal bracts; hybrids between the two occur

Habitat: old fields, secondary woods

AKA: Hepatica acutiloba, Anemone acutiloba

    Sharp Leaved Hepatica    
    Flora of North America