Geum rivale, Purple Avens

Geum rivale
photos by Dennis Kalma

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  Geum rivale L.
Purple Avens
Rosaceae (roses)

Plant: 30-60 cm tall; stems and flower stalks hairy

Flower: 5 parted, ~12 mm long; nodding, globular; sepals purplish, densely hairy; petals yellow, about as long as sepals

Fruit: devloping seeds form with long hooked appendages

Leaves: alternate, compound; segments toothed and end segment 3 lobed; end segment broader than others; often with smaller leaflets interspersed along the main axis of the leaf

Habitat: wet meadows, swamps

Range: Newfoundland and Quebec west to Alberta, south to California and south to Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey

Similar Species: other Geum and the Agrimonia spp have similar leaves but the flowers are very different

Geum rivale flowers
  Geum rivale flower
  Geum rivale fruit