Fragaria virginiana, Thick Leaved Wild Strawberry

Fragaria virginiana
photos by Dennis Kalma

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  Fragaria virginiana Duchesne
Thick Leaved Wild Strawberry
Rosaceae (roses)

Plant: 7-15 cm tall; spreads by runners; flowering spring to early summer

Flower: white, 5 parted; 15-25 mm wide; flowers cluster on stalk usually not taller than leaves

Fruit: red, cone-shaped; seeds usually embedded deeply into surface

Leaves: basal, compound; 3 toothed egg-shaped leaflets on a hairy stalk; leaflets blunt so terminal tip does not extend beyond that of the adjacent teeth

Habitat: fields, open spaces

Range: much of the United States and southern Canada

Similar Species: Woodland Strawberry, Fragaria vesca, has more pointed leaflets so the terminal tip extends beyond the adjacent teeth; the fruit has seeds on the surface rather than embedded in it

Fragaria virginiana   Fragaria virginiana   Fragaria virginiana