Cypripedium acaule, Moccasin Flower

Cypripedium acaule
photo by Dennis Kalma

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  Cypripedium acaule Ait.
Moccasin Flower
Orchidaceae (Orchids)

Plant: 20-40 cm tall; stem hairy, topped with a single lance-shape bract

Flowers: single flower; sepals and lateral petals yellowish-green to greenish-brown, lance-shaped, 3-5 cm long; 2 lower sepals united, inflated, pink with red veins, 3-6 cm long, cleft along upper side from base to summit with inturned margins in contact

Leaves: 2 basal leaves, almost opposite; elliptical, 10-20 cm long

Habitat: acidic soils, from swamps and bogs to dry woods and sand dunes

AKA: Pink Lady Slipper Orchid

        Cypripedium acaule
Flora of North America