Corylus cornuta cornuta, Beaked Hazelnut

Corylus cornuta
photos by Dennis Kalma

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  Corylus cornuta Marsh. var. cornuta
Beaked Hazelnut
Betulaceae (birches)

Plant: shrub, 1 to 3 m high

Flowers: staminate flowers in elongate catkins; female flowers with elongate red styles extending beyond enclosing bracts

Fruits: a nut (1.0-1.5 cm) enclosed by a thin husk ending in an elongate tube

Leaves: alternate-simple; 5-12 cm; double-toothed; somewhat heart-shaped, tip pointed; more or less hairy underneath; leaf stalk bristly-hairy with stalked glands

Buds & Twigs: twigs usually hairless and without stalked glands; buds not stalked, bristly-hairy, rounded, blunt, brown-gray

Bark: smooth, brown

Habitat: dry or moist woods, thickets

Similar Species: Hazelnut, Corylus americana, has a fruit that lacks the elongated beak and ends in a ragged-edged husk; both twigs and leaf stalks bristly-hairy and bear stalked glands

    Corylus cornuta female flower
female flower ~ 7 mm
  Corylus cornuta cornuta distribution
Flora of North America