Anemone quinquefolia, Wood Anemone

anemone quinquefolia
photos by Dennis Kalma
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  Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia
Wood Anemone
Ranunculaceae (buttercups)


Plant: 10-20 cm tall

Flower: 5-parted, white sepals (no petals); flower ~25 mm wiide, single flower each plant, on end of elongate flower stalk; stamens 30-60


Leaves: leaves on flowering stalks in whorls of three, each with a long leafstalk; each leaf divided into 3-5 leaflets, each of these toothed or sometimes deeply cleft; also single leaves (each with 3-5 leaflets, similarly toothed or cleft) on 5-25 cm leafstalk

Habitat: moist woods, streamsides; occasionally in swampy areas

Similar Species: in the similar Canada Anemone, Anemone canadensis, the leaves on the flowerstalks are sessile (have no stalks); in Thimbleweed, Anemone virginica, the plant is taller, the sepals are smaller, and the fruit is very distinctive

        Anemone quinquefolia - range map
Flora of North America