Actaea rubra, Red Baneberry

Actaea rubra
photos by Dennis Kalma

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  Actaea rubra (Ait.) ssp rubra
Red Baneberry
Ranunculaceae (buttercups)

Plant: 30-90 cm tall; flowering in late spring/early summer

Flower: single raceme, 3-5 cm long, on a thick stalk; raceme a tight cluster usually only a little longer than wide; individual flowers with 4-10 narrow white petals that are inconspicuous due to the many long white stamens.

Fruit: berries red (occasionally white) on long thin stalks

Leaves: whorl of 3 leaves, each subdivided into leaflets with sharp and irregular teeth

Habitat: woods

Similar Species: most easily distinguished from Actaea pachypoda, White Baneberry; that species always has white fruits on shorter stalks and the flowering raceme is significantly longer than wide.

Actaea rubra leaf
  Actaea rubra raceme
  Actaea rubra fruits
    Actaea rubra - range map
Flora of North America