Navimag Ferry

loaded ferry   navimag in sun

After wandering around the Island of Chiloe and the Volcanos and Lakes District we returned to Puerto Montt and boarded the Navimag ferry that would take us down to the southern portion of the country, which is generally referred to as "Patagonia". Navimag is the name of the company that runs the ferry. It is a working ferry that makes its living hauling goods back and forth from the south central region down to the southern portion of the country. It is the only direct connection between the northern & central regions and the Patagonia region.

In addition to hauling freight, which can include cattle, Navimag supplements its revenues by hauling passengers, most of whom are tourists. Depending on the weather it is about 4 day / 3 night trip. This is not your typical cruise ship: forget about hooking up with the activities directors, chocolates on your pillow, gourmet meals, and casinos. The ship goes - with your ticket you can ride along and look at the scenery. And truly unforgettable scenery it is.

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