Lago Cucao, Parque Nacional de Chiloe

lago cucao

After renting a car in Puerto Montt we drove south and west to the coast and the Island of Chiloe. Essentially a cut off portion of the coastal range that fronts the Pacific Ocean the entire length of the country, the island has low rolling hills and a large national park where we camped for a few days. Adjacent to the park is Lago Cucao, a old fjord penetrating the interior of the island and now cut off from the ocean by a gravel bar across the mouth.

It rained and blew most of the time we were there, as it is said to do much of the time. Even Charles Darwin, when he visited during his stint as a naturalist on the "Beagle", commented unfavorably on the amount of rain. Still, when the rain lifts and the clouds give you a bit of a view, it is a lovely place.

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