Alice Wand


making paper

Alice was born in Illinois but grew up in Wisconsin, near Milwaukee. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BFA she moved to Malone, New York, where she operated a craft printing business, "Moonstone Paper and Press". She began taking classes in hand papermaking and eventually gave up printing to focus on fine-art paper-making.

After moving to Willsboro, New York, in 1990 she was the motivating force behind "Paper Circus", which sold paper sculptures to interior designers and collectors. Around 2000 she began using textured handmake paper to construct collages, many of which depicted Adirondack landscapes. She enjoyed the out-of-doors and many of the trees, streams, and paths she saw on hikes and canoe trips ended up as subjects of her art work.

She is survived by many friends, her Australian kelpie "Bahta", her husband (myself), a sister, a brother, and several nephews and nieces.

Below are thumbnails of some of her collages. Because the date on which they were made is often uncertain they are presented in alphabetical order. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger image, but please appreciate that it was difficult to capture the three dimensional relief of the collages in the flat image of a photograph.


adirondack shoreline At The Lake Canyon - Stormy Day cathedral path
Adirondack Shoreline At The Lake Canyon, Stormy Day Cathedral Path
Evening Glow Heron Killarney Shoreline kirsten's overlook
Evening Glow Heron Killarney Shoreline Kirsten's Overlook
Lovely, Dark, and Deep North Branch In Summer moonrise
Lovely, Dark, and Deep Lower El Path North Branch In Summer Moonrise
mountainside trail north branch - late winter northern shore old friends
Mountainside Trail North Branch -
Late Winter
Northern Shore Old Friends
on the osgood Orchid #6 - The Dancer Paper Trail pitcher plant
On the Osgood Orchid #6, The Dancer Paper Trail Pitcher Plant
portage trail quiet evening on the lake river scene in summer serenity
Portage Trail Quiet Evening On The Lake River Scene in Summer Serenity
sunlight and shadows the meeting place of silence The Southern Mountains the white cliffs
Sunlight and Shadows The Meeting Place of Silence The Southern Mountains The White Cliffs
waterway winter brook woodland fantasy title unknown
Waterway Winter Brook
Woodland Fantasy title unknown